[セキュリティ] Domain Protection
11/08/2004 06:20 (投稿者:たかの)

-------- introduces Feature "Domain Protection"

The protection of domain name ("domain locking") provides an additional
layer of security against unauthorized domain manipulation. It also prevents
from fraudulent transfers.

This feature keeps you safe from the notorious people known as domain
hijackers. They often spot nice domain names to generate profit from. will secure your domains - which you are the "owner" of - on
November, 10th 2004.
If you decide you do need to unlock your domain (needed to transfer a domain
to another registrar), simply log in to your account at and
remove the lock with the help of our 'Servicezone'.

This procedure conforms to the ICANN regulations which become active on
November 12th, 2004.

Deutsche Version: fuehrt neue Moeglichkeit zum Domainschutz ein



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