[アプリケーション] VMwareが価格改定するそうな
11/08/2000 10:30 (投稿者:たかの)

12/4から、students and hobbyists向けの価格を改定するとのことで、「買うなら今がチャンスよん」とのことであった。

Dear VMware Customer,

When we introduced VMware software, we wanted to allow students and
hobbyists to use our product on a private, non-commercial basis. So
we created a hobbyist/student price and made it available on the
"honor" system. For a single-user electronic license, the discount
price was US$99. And the price for the packaged product was US$129.

We are dedicated to keeping this valuable discount for our academic
customers. However, in the future we will handle these sales through
a distributor who specializes in selling to students and other
academics via educational channels -- such as campus bookstores,
catalogs, and Web sites. (Watch your email for the complete details.)
And we will continue to deal directly with academic institutions that
wish to buy multiple copies of VMware for their classes and
training programs.

If you qualify for the current program, there's still time to act.
The last day for new non-commercial orders is December 4th. To order
a copy, visit our store on the VMware Web site. The hobbyists/student
discount information is located at


The VMware Team


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